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Railroad  CountCount
ABOX TTX Company7
ACL Atlantic Coast Line3
AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast110
ALAB Alabama Railroad1
ALM Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railr33
ALY Allegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorpora2
AN Apalachicola Northern5
ANR Angelina and Neches River Railroad1
AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad11
ASAB Bay Line Railroad LLC30
ATSF Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe18
ATW Atlantic and Western116
BAEX Andersons6
BAYL Bay Line, LLC4
BB Buckingham Branch1
BCOL Canadian National Railways3
BN Burlington Northern6
BNSF BNSF Railway106
BPRR Buffalo and Pittsburgh1
CAGY Columbus & Greenville Railway13
CFWR Caney Fork and Western Railroad5
CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad41
CMHX CarMath Incorporated58
CN Canadian National Railways42
CNA Canadian National Railways43
CNIS Canadian National Railways4
CNW Chicago & Northwestern8
CO Chesapeake & Ohio4
COER Crab Orchard & Egyptian12
CP Canadian Pacific Railway6
CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway2
CR Conrail23
CRLE Coe Rail Incorporated3
CSX CSX Railroad249
CV Central Vermont1
DODX Department Of Defense1
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western5
DWC Canadian National Railways23
EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad54
FBOX TTX Company57
FCRD First Coast Railway25
FLOX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc8
FP Fordyce & Princeton Railroad Company1
FSRR FerroSur2
FXE Ferromex4
GATX General American Marks Company1
GBRX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation6
GFRR Georgia and Florida Railnet77
GMRC Green Mountain RR16
GMSR Kansas City Southern2
GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company15
GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad13
GTW Grand Trunk Western10
HATX Helm Financial Corporation1
HCSX Helm Chesapeake LLP2
HLMX Helm Financial Corporation4
HPJX Helm-Pacific Leasing29
HS H and S Railroad Company70
IBT International Bridge and Terminal Company2
IC Illinois Central5
ICG Illinois Central Gulf3
KCS Kansas City Southern53
KCSM Kansas City Southern De Mexico3
LBR Lowville and Beaver River Railroad Compa4
LN Louisville & Nashville1
LW Louisville and Wadley Railway Company4
MB Meridian & Bigbee54
MCSA Moscow Camden and San Augustine Railroad4
MCVX Massuchusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.3
MDW Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Com16
MEC Maine Central2
MMA Montreal, Maine & Atlantic2
MP Missouri Pacific74
MQT Marquette Rail1
MRL Montana Rail Link3
MWCX Midwest Railcar Corporation1
NADX General Electric Rail Services6
NERR Nashville and Eastern3
NKCR Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado RailNet, Inc5
NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma18
NRLX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc43
NS Norfolk Southern263
NW Norfolk & Western12
NWR Nashville & Western Railroad Corp.2
NYC New York Central14
PAL Paducah & Louisville1
PDRR Pee Dee River RR2
PGR Progressive Rail, Inc1
RBOX Railbox Company52
RFP Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac1
RJCC R.J. Corman Railroad/Kentucky Lines1
SCFE South Central Florida Express Incorporated1
SCL Seaboard Coast Line6
SGLR Seminole Gulf1
SIRX Southern Illinois Railcar Company31
SLGG Progress Rail Services Corporation2
SLSF Saint Louis-San Francisco1
SM St. Marys Railroad7
SMW St Marys Railway West LLC2
SOO Soo Line4
SOU Southern153
SP Southern Pacific21
SRN Sabine River & Northern3
SRY Southern Railway of British Columbia Lim1
SSW St Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt)21
STE Stockton Terminal and Eastern RR2
TASD Terminal Alabama State Docks3
TBOX TTX Company69
TFM Kansas City Southern De Mexico1
TOFX TTX Company - Box Cars2
TR Tomahawk Railway L.P.38
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company28
UPP Union Pacific Passenger1
VR Valdosta Railway105
WC Wisconsin Central23
WCCL Wisconsin Central7
WCTR WCTU Company White City Terminal Railway1
WE Wheeling & Lake Erie1
WLO Waterloo Railway Company (Illinois Central)6
WP Western Pacific4
WRWK Providence & Worchester Railroad1
YARR Youngstown and Austintown Railroad1
YKR York Rail3

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