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Railroad  CountCount
ACFX General Electric Rail Services81
ADMX ADM Transportation Company121
AEX Andersons33
AGPX Ag Processing Incorporated1
ALHX AllCapital Rail Management, LLC3
ALNX Alberta Government3
ALPX Alberta Government4
AMCX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division4
AMFX American Railcar Industries4
AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad3
ATGX Atel Leasing Corporation17
ATSF Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe4
BBGX Greenbrier Management Services, LLC1
BFGX Oxy Vinyls LP8
BN Burlington Northern27
BNBX Greenbrier Management Services, LLC12
BNSF BNSF Railway112
BO Baltimore & Ohio3
BPRX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division1
BRAX General American Marks Company1
BRIX Union Tank Car Company5
CAGX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra Incorporated1
CAGY Columbus & Greenville Railway1
CBPX Custom Building Products5
CCBX Union Carbide Corporation9
CCEX CCC Transport Company1
CCLX Crystal Car Line8
CEFX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc154
CEMX Cemex Mexico SA de CV1
CGAX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division1
CGLX GATX Rail Canada25
CGOX Cargill Incorporated1
CGRX Consolidated Grain and Barge2
CHTT Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer2
CHVX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company3
CIC Cedar Rapids & Iowa City1
CITX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc23
CLSX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division1
CMHX CarMath Incorporated1
CMO Chicago St Paul Minneapolis & Omaha2
CN Canadian National Railways30
CNA Canadian National Railways1
CNLX CN Treasury Operations, Limited33
CNW Chicago & Northwestern52
CNWX Canadian Wheat Board1
CO Chesapeake & Ohio3
CP Canadian Pacific Railway45
CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway2
CPLX CPLX Leasing Limited1
CPWX Canadian Wheat Board2
CR Conrail32
CRDX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company20
CRIX Citicorp Railmark, Inc.1
CSX CSX Railroad339
CSYX Bunge North America3
DME Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern20
DMIX ADM Transportation Company2
DOWX Dow Chemical Company5
DWC Canadian National Railways1
ECUX Exxon Mobil Corporation5
EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad4
ELTX BP Solvay Polyethylene North America2
ENDX GATX de Mexico SA de CV2
ENGX Englehard Corporation9
EQUX Equistar Chemicals, LP8
ETCX Eastman Tennessee Corporation3
FCSX Florida Crushed Stone Company1
FINX Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc.1
FLOX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc5
FMLX FMC Corporation5
FPAX Formosa Transrail Corporation12
FURX First Union Rail75
GACX General American Marks Company185
GAPX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division1
GBRX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation2
GCCX General American Marks Company5
GFSX General American Marks Company13
GGCX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Div2
GNAX Holcim (US) Inc2
GPFX General American Marks Company6
GPLX General American Marks Company4
GTW Grand Trunk Western2
GVDX Oxy Vinyls LP2
HLMX Helm Financial Corporation1
HS H and S Railroad Company1
IC Illinois Central4
ICE Iowa Chicago and Eastern9
ICG Illinois Central Gulf3
IFRX Infinity Rail LLC6
INGX General Electric Rail Services1
ITC Illinois Terminal Railroad3
ITLX General Electric Rail Services4
JMHX J. M. Huber1
KBSR Kankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company1
LAFX LaFarge1
LANX Lansing Grain Company, LLC2
LEHX Lehigh Cement Company21
LN Louisville & Nashville6
LRWN Little Rock & Western3
LXOH Knoxville & Holston River Railroad 1
MBLX Exxon Mobil Corporation1
MCEX Midwest Railcar Equipment Company1
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas2
MLLX Basell USA, Inc13
MP Missouri Pacific9
MRS Manufacturers Railway5
MSDR Knoxville & Holston River Railroad1
MWCX Midwest Railcar Corporation32
NAHX General Electric Rail Services60
NCHX General Electric Rail Services2
NCIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated1
NCUX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc3
NDYX First Union Rail7
NLSX National Starch and Chemical Company4
NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma18
NRLX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc55
NS Norfolk Southern208
NTIX Network Trading Inc.1
NW Norfolk & Western84
NYC New York Central16
OCPX Oxy Vinyls LP19
ODTX Oil-Dri Corporation of America8
OLNX Olin Corporation3
PLCX General Electric Rail Services14
PRAX First Union Rail1
PSPX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company2
PTEX General Electric Rail Services12
PTLX General Electric Rail Services5
RFMX Caldwell-Baker Company6
RGCX Rio Grande Chemical LTD1
RMGX Andersons - Railgroup1
ROIX Shintech Incorporated4
RRRX Rex Leasing Incorporated6
RSCX Republic Steel2
RUSX First Union Rail1
SAMX Cargill Incorporated3
SBD Seaboard System9
SCL Seaboard Coast Line7
SDWX Cemex Inc2
SHPX American Railcar Leasing, LLC55
SIRX Southern Illinois Railcar Company19
SKNX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation2
SKPX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation1
SLSF Saint Louis-San Francisco1
SMNX Solvay Minerals Incorporated2
SOO Soo Line65
SOU Southern72
SP Southern Pacific3
SRAX Southern Rail Associates1
SRLX Southern Rail Leasing Incorporated1
SSW St Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt)13
STLX Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas, Inc2
TCIX Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC1
TCMX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc118
TEIX Transportation Equipment Incorporated1
TGCX PolyOne Company2
TILX Trinity Industries Leasing Company262
TLCX General Electric Rail Services3
UELX ADM Transportation Company19
UNPX Procor Limited29
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company13
UTCX Union Tank Car Company21
WC Wisconsin Central9
WLPX Westlake Polymers Corporation3
WSOX First Union Rail10
WWLX Trinity Industries Leasing Company17
WWUX Unimin Corporation4
XOMX Exxon Mobil Corporation2
XTRX First Union Rail1

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